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When Is It Time For Resurfacing?

Typically, a plaster pool will last anywhere from 8-12 years. If your near that it might be time to look into resurfacing your pool. Here are some common signs of a pool in need of resurfacing.

  • Peeling Plaster

  • Rough Texture

  • Stains on The Pools Surface

  • Thin Cracks or Bigger Structural Cracks

  • Craters or Chips in the finish

When you get your pool replastered, you don’t have to go with the same plaster you currently have. Our team at NO BULL can go over all of your options with you and help you choose the right plaster for your needs. Some kinds of plaster offer a simple and subtle look, while others give your pool a more luxurious appearance.


Our options include white plaster, pebble tec, and quartz. Regular white plaster is the traditional choice for those who want their pool to have a classic look and is also budget friendly. For just a few bucks more you can upgrade your pool to a more appealing and durable finish which is a pebble finish from Pebble Tec.

If your pool is showing signs of wear and tear give us a call & we'll have your pool looking new in no time!

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